About us

Minerva slaughterhouse is the second biggest meat exporter and the biggest exporter of live cattle in Brazil. With an average growth of 39% per year since 2001, Minerva's net income has reached the milestone of R$ 4,4 billions in 2012.

Among large companies, Minerva slaughterhouse was the most valued in 2012, a result achieved through a business strategy based on consistency, solidity and sustainability. This strategy has made Minerva become internationally recognized and renowned due to its production high quality.

Minerva slaughterhouse was the first company in the Minerva Foods Group, having been acquired in 1992 by the Vilela de Queiroz family, who since the 1950's has stood out in the business due to the excellency in cattle transportation and raising, and good relations with livestock producers throughout the country. The previous experience with livestock producers was transformed into an institutional policy in Minerva slaughterhouse, where the creation of trust and transparency bonds for mutual and sustainable growth guides various of the company's actions.

Maintaining the business strategy consistency, Minerva tried and valued slaughter byproducts and verticalized the brand thorough a production chain that makes an efficient and sustainable operation possible. Thus, Minerva slaughterhouse also encompasses the following companies: Minerva Casings, Minerva Biodiesel, Minerva Leather, Minerva Beef Shop, Minerva Live Cattle Exports, and Minerva Logistics.

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