About us

Pul is one of the most respected meat-packing companies in the market, producing high quality meat exported mainly to Europe, USA, China, Russia, Israel and Brazil. The distinctive quality of the meat from Pul is guaranteed by first class industrial processing, the harmony between all departments of the company and an alliance with the farmers that ensures supply of the best Uruguayan cattle.

This alliance began with the founding of the meat-packing company in the 1990s as a cooperative of farmers and was maintained even after the purchase of the company by Ernesto Correa in 2000 and its incorporation in 2011 into Minerva Foods. The work ethics and close relationship with suppliers is guaranteed by the presence of the same people in the administration of Pul meat-packing company since its founding.

For Pul, transparency, security and tranquility when sending your cattle are essential.

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When Pul became part of Minerva Foods, the company began having a global vision of the business, ensuring access to more information, greater decision-making capacity and expansion of the learning processes. Thus, the aim of Pul for the coming years is to maintain its achievements and prestigious image in the market.

Fun fact: did you know that the new visual identity of Minerva Foods and their companies adopted in 2013 was inspired by Pul's product brand name Black Angus?

A privileged environment

In the South American Pampas, a perfect environment for livestock activity, in the North East of Uruguay, Department of Cerro Largo, close to its Capital and in the heart of the MERCOSUR is where PUL is located. Since 1991 this company has specialized in the production of hgih quality meat, derived from Hereford and Abardeen Angus cattle, raised on natural meadow and slaughtered at an early age. As a result we have achieved a high quality standard that places our brand among the most outstanding brands of the world.

All matters regarding animal welfare are a constant concern for PUL. Grass fed cattle raised on fields of large dimensions; fresh air and clean water, handled accordingly by well trained personnel are just some of the many cares taken by PUL to assure animal well-being. This criterion is also followed within the plant, including logistics arrangements, loading and unloading, all of which is done with plenty of water and careful handling of the cattle.

We rely on highly skilled farmers that completely understand and observe the cycles imposed by nature and, at the same time, we aim to use the latest technologies, introducing genetic improvements and controlling, through our traceability system, each animal's growth. All these measures involving raising the cattle guarantee the high quality of our raw material, enabling the start of PUL's production process. This assures the reliability and trustworthiness of our packed products, once the special cuts are made.