About us

Frigomerc is one of the main slaughtershouse companies in Paraguay, and produces over 20 thousand tons of meat, which are mostly traded with United Arab Emirates, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Israel and countries from the European Union. 

In January 2014, the operations of Friasa - the first Minerva Foods cold store out of Brazil - were incorporated by Frigomerc and started, then, to act under Frigomerc.

This is the only cold store in Paraguay that has its own cattle confinement, ensuring raw material in the off-season and for premium cut orders. With the integration of the assets of Friasa, Frigomerc will have 28.5 thousand heads of cattle per month.

Since the company's acquisition by Minerva Foods Frigomerc has taken the pioneering initiative in Paraguay of seeking to establish a closer relationship with livestock producers. Thus creating bonds of trust between the company and its suppliers and opening space for dialog, idea and information exchange through lectures and training.

In order to take advantage of Paraguay's herd growth and with a perspective to resume exports to Europe, Frigomerc plans more investments in its operations in the country, also seeking more and more integration with other Minerva Foods's operations.