Minerva Biodiesel

Minerva Biodiesel produces a renewable source of energy made from tallow with a stamp of guarantee for biofuel. As part of the 'Programa Nacional de Biodiesel do Brasil' (National Biodiesel Program in Brazil), the entire production is sold through 'ANP - Agência Nacional de Petróleo's (ANP - National Petroleum Agency) auctions.

Adding value to the by-product of cattle, while strengthening Minerva's commitment to environmental sustainability, Minerva Biodiesel's technology is 100% national and has been developed in partnership with Brazilian universities.

The raw material comes from Minerva's meat-packing plants from within and outside the country; with the possible use of other sources, such as soybeans, peanuts and jatropha.

With a unit in Palmeiras de Goiás/GO, Minerva Biodiesel has the production capacity of 45m3 per day, operating in three shifts. There are, however, plans for the expansion of the factory in the future.