About Us

Minerva Foods is a global reference in producing and marketing beef, leather, exporting live cattle and meat products, and in processing beef, pork and poultry. One of the leading companies in the industry in South America, Minerva Foods has a privileged position in the international market, exporting to more than 100 countries in five continents.

The history of Minerva Foods is based on a solid, disciplined, consistent and experienced management, that aims at acting in the most profitable markets, invests in modernizing its industrial facilities, makes strategic acquisitions, holds a wide and customized portfolio of quality products, and has an integrated and efficient distribution logistics.

Currently, Minerva Foods operates seventeen slaughtering and boning plants, 11 in Brazil, 3 in Paraguay, 2 in Uruguay and 1 in Colombia. Slaughtering capacity is 17,330 heads of cattle per day, and boning capacity is 20,300 heads per day. Additionally, Minerva Foods has a protein processing plant (beef, pork and poultry), called Minerva Fine Foods. The Company operates thirteen distribution centers, 11 located in Brazil and 2 in Paraguay. In addition, the Company has international trading offices in the following countries: Algeria, China, Chile, Colombia, United States, Italy, Iran, Lebanon and Russia.

  • Mission

    To provide quality food worldwide with socioeconomic and environmental responsibility.
  • Vision

    To be the most efficient company, always seeking to maximize the return on invested capital for all its business segments with appropriate risk management policies.
  • Values

    Integrity, commitment, responsibility, initiative, cooperation, simplicity and determination.

A bit of our history

Since 1992, the company's trajectory has been interconnected with the history of the Brazilian cattle industry since its founding, with the Vilela de Queiroz family actively participating in the development of the sector in the country and receiving recognition for excellence in transportation and cattle raising. With the industrialization of meat and its derivatives, Minerva Foods has also gained international recognition.